Accepted Items

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Arts and Crafts Materials

Automotive Fluids, i.e. brake fluid, antifreeze, etc. (Do not bulk fluids together.)

Batteries (including rechargeable)

Cleaning Products

Cooking Oil

Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Tubes (Pack separate from other items to avoid breakage.)

Gasoline (Do not mix with other automotive fluids other than 2-cycle oil)

Lawn and Garden Chemicals

Motor Oil - limit 5 gallons per month (NO TRANSFORMER OIL)

Paint (latex and oil-based)

Photo Chemicals

Propane Cylinders (1-3 lbs)

Solvents (paint thinner, acetone, kerosene)

Wood Preservatives


If you have questions about other accepted materials, please call our office at 913-715-6907. We will be happy to answer your questions.

For Items Not on the Accepted List

If you don't see an item on the approved list, then it is probably not accepted at our facility. However, there could be other options for recycling or disposal. To find options closest to you, please visit RecycleSpot.

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